Digital Technologies in Performing & Live Arts - a symposium with IETM speakers in Singapore

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Digital Technologies in Performing & Live Arts - a symposium with IETM speakers in Singapore
seeks to create conversations around how the digital revolution is challenging our creative practices and production, audience engagement strategies and audiences' habits. Through a series of presentations led by IETM members (international network for contemporary performing arts), and with the facilitation by Singapore practitioners, this symposium will be a platform for learning, debating about and experiencing various digital tools.

Date: Tuesday 26 November 2019
Venue: Esplanade Theatre Studio, Level 4, Esplanade - Theatres On The Bay

The symposium is free, and registration is required to secure a seat at one or more of the presentations at the event. For more information, click here.


9.00am: Registration

9.30am to 10.10am: Welcome and Opening Remarks

10.15am to 11.50am: Presentation 1: Mixed Reality and the Theatre of the Future by Joris Weijdom, followed by discussion facilitated by Dr Charlene Rajendran


1.30pm to 3.05pm: Presentation 2: Technology and the Transformation of Performance by Eric Joris, followed by discussion facilitated by Natalie Hennedige


3.20pm to 5.00pm: Presentation 3: Theatre Commons by Vijay Mathew, followed by discussion facilitated by Kathy Rowland

5pm to 5.15pm: Closing Thoughts

Presentation by Joris Weijdom
Moderated by Dr Charlene Rajendran
10.15am to 11.50am

Technological developments have an increasing impact on our daily lives and offer possibilities for new forms of cultural expression. More and more we exist in a mix of real and virtual environments in which we communicate and share experiences. Most devices we use are connected to the Internet. Public and private space start to blend and we manifest ourselves online as self-created fictional characters. How is this relevant for theatre practice? What do current developments like Mixed Reality, Transmedia, Artificial Intelligence and The Internet of Things mean for telling stories and creating theatrical experiences? How do we design performances on multiple real- and virtual- ‘stages’ and relate to our audiences when they become co-creators?

In this lecture, Joris Weijdom, researcher and designer of mixed reality experiences at the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, will address these questions by taking you on a roller coaster ride of thought-provoking ideas and examples from the world of technology, media and theatre.

Presentation by Eric Joris
Moderated by Natalie Hennedige
1.30pm to 3.05pm

The digitalization of media has seen the implementation of several innovative technologies into performances and theatre: motion-captured actors, computer caves, viewer-dependent projections & video mapping, game engines, Head Mounted Displays, tracked touch-tablets...

What unites many of these technologies is that they interact with the spectator, in many cases they have a bodily link to her/him. Eric will give an overview of their potential and show them as they were used in staged performances of CREW.

A main part will then be dedicated to immersive performances: ‘Virtual Reality’ and embodiment, a field in which CREW has been a pioneer. Eric will reflect on how VR and immersive media feed into the ‘transformational’ aspect of the live arts and theatre. ‘VR’ appears to be transformational by nature: instead of looking at an image, one feels to be a part of it. This embodiment is further enhanced by narration, physical movement, touch, sound, etc... For the ‘immersant’ it blurs the distinction between live and mediated reality, it creates a shifting moment in between the perceived and the embodied world. This ‘transitional zone’ became the centerpoint of CREW’s live performances and research. If this sounds theoretical, it isn't: a careful handling of this two-sided experience can e.g. create strong 'out-of-body' phenomena. The immersive experience is an active construct in the immersant's mind and body, in a way he thus co-directs the performance. Seen from the 'outside' the actions of immersants can equally be revealing and form a level. The role of a maker becomes thus rather more curating than directing the experience of the immersants and of the spectators.

Eric Joris will have some VR/AR equipment with him (Vive headset and PC, tracked tablets) as to briefly introduce these to participants that have no experience with them.


Presentation by Vijay Mathew
Moderated by Kathy Rowland
3.20pm to 5.00pm

It is widely known through digital companies such as Airbnb and Uber, but the collaborative economy is much larger than this and can be applied to the arts field without compromising our values. Defined as horizontal network and community-based sharing of access to goods and services, the collaborative economy distributes power within communities as opposed to centralized institutions. With the culture of hacking and Do-It-Yourself, it can lead to fab labs, co-working spaces or community-based platforms, completely shifting the way we work. But there are some difficult questions. What does this collaboration imply in terms of intellectual property? Where is the line between the producer and the consumer? What can we trust?

Co-founder Vijay Mathew will present on the work of HowlRound Theatre Commons which is a free and open platform for theatre-makers worldwide to amplify progressive ideas about theatre and to facilitate connection between diverse practitioners. All of the content (essays, videos, podcasts) on HowlRound are produced by the theatre community who chooses to participate and who are aligned with the platform's values.

This presentation will be valuable for any artist or cultural worker who is interested in learning, connecting, and contributing knowledge to a progressive and worldwide theatre community.
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Tue Nov 26, 2019
9:30 AM - 5:15 PM SGT
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Digital Technologies in Performing & Live Arts - a symposium with IETM speakers in Singapore